February 14th, 2002

Felix- to the left

Happy Valentines Day!!

yeah, i hate this day. its like, the fact that i am single and alone gets shoved in my face every day, and then today its just like a bit overloaded. but then i love it at the same time cause i am such a hopeless romantic that i have to be like awww. so i wore black today with a red net shirt underneath, and glittery red bracelets. hehe i cant let go of the black. who ever saw a goth in pink anyways?? hehe

so we didnt go to breakfast this morning which is weird. i mean i woke up and i think iwas still high. my alarm was off and everything but i woke up at 8:55 anyways. just in time to get reasy for the class that i could not miss! it was pretty weird but cool. so i dont know where andrea is so i cant ask her what happened this morning.

josh is leaving at around 5:30. Andrea is driving him and i'm going alone cause well...its josh. I just want to sleep all day today but i dont want to miss him if he comes by. I'm nervous about my sister coming tomorrow. its cool and exciting but i never know what will happen. hehe

Andrea is going home this weekend too. shes bringing John back with her. I am so excited cause i love him to death and he is so much like me its crazy. so that should be fun!

i should probably study for my psych test tomorrow.... =)
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my dad just called. i didnt answer the phone but he lft a message. He sounded really mad. he also said he couldnt bring my guitar back. thats the one thing that i made them promise me or i wouldnt have left it there. they promised it would be ok and they would bring it for me. and now they dont want to. i have been dying without my guitar....

and the fact that my dad is mad at me? i reallyc ant deal with that right now. especially if he is coming tomorrow. i really wish they werent
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Happy/weird day!


so Josh is gone. he went home. We went with him to the airport and said goodbye. 3 days without him??ouch BUT before he left i gave him my card and he was like that is so sweet and i gave him the little hoop earring and he just thought it was the coolest thing. Then he gave me a carnation cause i was going on and on about how i need to get a flower atleast and he was like, i was planning to give this to you. i was so taken. it was the sweetest thing ever. that just made up for me not seeing him for days. Thats all i wanted today. a flower from Josh =)

so now we are all just sitting around. i have a test to study for and blah blah blah. lol. i cant go to the roch. flickerstick show cause my mom is freaking about the money. this sucks so bad but at the same time i am kinda relieved cause it was getting to be such a hassle.

my sister is coming at 4 tomorrow =)
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