February 18th, 2002

Felix- to the left


So today was ok i guess. We woke up mad late since we didnt get to bed toll 7am. we all got ready and went to go hang out. We went to a craft store so Jeff could get iron on letters for a shirt he wants to make. i got a scrapbook thing so i can make one of our gang =)

Then we went to barnes and nobles and spent like a million hours there. I read all these books on witchcraft and candle magick. i am looking for a book on scrying but i cant find one that isnt a bunch of bs. me and john spent so long looking for books on libras hehe. we realized we were soo much alike cause of that.

We dropped them off at the dorms and we went to go pic Josh up at the airport. I was so excited but really overwhelmed at the same time. All these people i love here at the same time in a group? its just like yikes. lol So we picked him up and he was really tired so he just came home and said goodnight and went to bed. I felt kinda dissapointed that i couldnt see him for longer but i know hes tired. Then we went to get food and just hung out. we were being soooo loud and silly and everyone was looking at us but we didnt care.

I havnt been to world civ for like a week and a half and i dont know what to do. if i miss one more class my grade gets lowered, but if i go, i am totally gonna fail the test. I'd rather get caught up, cause i dont even know what i am supposed to read for it. ANd i have to go to math which i havnt been to in a week. I KNOW Vito is gonna say something to me which sux cause i hate having to explain myself to people. i always get stupid with them. i really hate parts of my life right now. why cant everything just be all good at the same time???
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Felix- to the left


what a long boring, boring day. i went to ALLL thats right, all my classes. omg i thought i was gonna die. Me and Vito had a little chat after class today. lol the things that "teachers" do. hehe hes so cool though. quiz next class? wont be fun.

So i get to my world civ recitation and i find out we are having an essay test. of course i have NO idea about anything cause i missed the last two classes AND the last recitation. I have never written such bullshit in my life. And 3 pages too!!! it was crazy. Then i met andrea and jeff for brunch. i had a coffee. poop

I met my sister for lunch and we lost track of time so i went to psych class late, but it was great fun. i have to go check my test grade now :-\

so andrea left without me to go shopping. I told her to wait for me. how nice of her. of course this is only cause john is here and can replace me. i lvoe being replaced, ecpecially since she is my best friend. ugh. i hate when people do that to me. like what the fuck? what do i mean to you if i get replaced everytime she gets a new friend??

so now its time to call josh...uh hes not there...
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