March 8th, 2002

Felix- to the left


i went to bed at 11pm last night. can you believe that? thats like when i usually start my day! lol. i just had to though. i was soo tired, and I was feeling kinda bummed out, so i really needed to go to bed.

so i woke up and went to class today. I actually went to class. huge accomplishent for me hehe. It was fun though and we got out of class early cause it was sooo hot in the room. I cant believe the weather here! its crazy!! its 60 degrees out today. then sunday its gonna snow and be 20 degrees. weirdness.

So amanda is coming today which rocks. i am so excited. this weekend is gonna be crazy though cause Emily and Tavi are coming too. i will finally get to go to Marcellas tomorrow. that should be a blast. i dont know if i can handle all these people here though. its like overwhelming. i feel really weird right now actually. like i need to chill but i cant and its making me panic. ugh.

dude, charlies angels is the stupidest movie i have ever seen. i just had to sit through half of it and its like majorly retarded. its like degrading to women. i cant believe lucy lui would lower herself to do that movie. lol sorry for the rampage hehe.

Andrea went home today but she is coming home tomorrow so that should be cool. i dont know if Josh is leaving yet. Andrea talked to him about it and she doesnt want him to go with jeff and get involved in their business, so i dunno. I think its not fair
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