April 3rd, 2002

Felix- to the left


Wow, i dont think i have ever slept so much in my life. i got really bored and tired around 8:30 so i planned on taking a nap cause i knew i still had homework to finish. and then i just never woke up. I got up at like 10am today. haha. now i feel refreshed though. my tongue is killing me though and i cant talk. never getting high again. cause all i wanted to do was not be high and be with people instead of doing what i was doing. so i called Vito but he was busy anyway. then my room is freezing and Mary put this thig in the window so i couldnt close it. so i'm like forget it, i am just gonna go to sleep. lol.

so that was my night. no big deal. i painted a little yesterday which was fun. i didnt like the picture i painted though. it was one that i did before break and never got to finish. but i am gonna start on a new collection soon. i just found out that i had a paper due in psychology class. great. and that was the only other class i was passing besides math. maybe i'll get a note from my therpaist although i really hate doing that.

i just want to be around people today...
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