April 6th, 2002

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i'm tired as fuck, but vito is coming over so that should make a lot of things better. i just feel all icky right now and i dont know why. Also i feel like i kind of had to talk him into coming and he didnt really want to. that bothers me. not the fact that he didnt want to come, which is fine, but the fact that i feel like i kind of forced it on him. that wasnt really nice of me. i guess hes right about everyone havign a bit of selfishness...

i was reading up on ecstacy today, and i found an interesting sight which had wuestions from people who have done e, and answers given by chronic users, and its actually very helpful. I mean,i know a drug is a drug no matter how you look at it, but some are more beneficial then others, and i just think that e has more benefits then not.

today is the richmond rave. i have GOT to find something better to do...
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Felix- to the left

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Which NIRVANA song are you?

So Vito came over and i felt bad cause i could tell he really didnt want to be here. and i felt bad for makin him come here, but in the end it was worth it, and i think he was glad he came too.

we talked a good amount last night, which was good cause i loev just talking to him and i hardly ever do it. the whole night i think we were just very connected and on the same wavelength. we had the best sex =) and then i could finally sleep. but today i have to go to the doctor, which irritates me, but it was totally worth it.

i dont think we are going to the rave tonight cause its gonna be lame, and cause andrea is in lots of pain. hopefully i can find something better to do, if vito isnt sick of me yet. hehe. i love talking to him so much, and being with him.
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