April 9th, 2002

Felix- to the left

may 18th...

...is the xfiles series finale, which will be sad, cause that was my show. that was the one thing that helped me escape into my own world and ignore all the crap that went on in the real world. i know its kinda pathetic, but i didnt really have anything else. so that will be really sad....

i woke up late today, it felt good though, i didnt really have anything to do anyway so it was ok. I do have stuff to do actually, but that can be done at any time.

i dont want to go home for the whole summer so i think i am gonna work soemthing out and try to stay here for a while. Its time i took responsability for my own actions and did whats best for me, not whats best for everybody else. i know i could do it if i just tried hard enough. so thats my goal for the time being.

tonight Josh's dad is coming and is doing a stress program that i'm gonna go to. it should be cool. those things never really worl but i'll give it a shot. Then I have to go talk to Jon to get the clinton tickets which i feel really bad about cause i have been meaning to talk to him and hang out with him and now it will look like i am just talking to him cause of the tickets, which is so not true. ugh
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Felix- to the left


Vito came over and we fooled around, then went to lunch at the roadhouse grill or whatever. it wasn pretty awsome except i really wanted to eat meat. hehe. i would go back there anyway cause it was a cool atmosphere and we met a pretty nice girl there called Rain. We left her Vito's number to see if she wanted to give us a call sometime and hang out. that would be pretty cool. We got talking about a lot of stuff too and our summer plans came up. so we might get a place in the city. that would work out very nicely i think.

so we came back and watched some tv, then he left to go home and i went to talk to Jon about stuff. he had a lot to say that was pretty upsetting, and made me feel bad, but i guess thats just Jon. I just hate how people know they can get away with stuff with me and they take advantage of it. and i always let them anyway...

but all in all today was a pretty good day. i felt pretty good about everything today.
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