April 14th, 2002

Felix- to the left

*running out of reasons to say goodbye*

Yeshterday was more eventful then i thought it would be. I sat around all day making myself busy and all. i talked to my mom about the moving to the city with Vito situation and she actually took it much better then i thought she would, so i was happy about that. Something is actually going to work out. this is a good start.

so then night comes around and i went to eat with josh, jim and jon, and that was pretty cool cause we reconnected. Then they wanted to see a movie and that was just a bit too much reconnecting so i opted out of it.

so then i went back to my room and figured i would do something productive since my entire floor was at teh DMB concert, but michelle came over and we drank and smoked . i only had one beer though and i was happy about that cause i have really been trying not to drink. we were gonna go out to The Continental, but by the time we got back to Michelles room we decided not to. I talked her into me calling Vito so we could fool around, and at first she was nervous about it, but after smoking another joint she was like yeah ok, lets play strip poker. lol so i called Vito and we fooled around back in my room. it was an interesting experience.

By the end of the night i was so fed up at michelle though that it was hard for me to tolerate her and be ok at the same time. i was trying so hard not to get moody but i couldnt take her constant talking about absolutly nothing. we went to ihop to eat again, this was like 8am lol. We ate and then came back and the two of them left. I have never fallen asleep so fast in my life...

so the whole night was an interesting experience. not bad...just different. i was happy Vito came over though, and was really enjoying it, which was all i needed to make my night better then it was. so that was worth it, and well i got a little fun out of it too so i guess it was cool.

i wish it wasnt sunday already. i woke up at 3:30 and i am sitting around here trying to get motivated but its just not happening. today Vito and i are supposed to maybe go tanning and to get his new vibrating toungue ring lol. so we will see what happens later on.

now i am talking online with my fav person...

Droid 820: hehe lazy butt
dsculder13: yup
dsculder13: thats meeee
Droid 820: =)
Droid 820: mee tooooo
dsculder13: thats good though
dsculder13: we rule
Droid 820: YES WE DO
Droid 820: but im to lazy to celebrate it

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Felix- to the left



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Fucking fire alarms...we stood out there for like half an hour! lol. i was just starrting to drift into a wonderful sleep. i just found my phone that was under my pillow, i guess i fell asleep right after talking to vito last night. i didnt even notice that i just passed out like that. i guess i just imagined going to the bathroom and all that lol.

xf tonight. yippee
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