April 18th, 2002

Felix- to the left


Yesterday worked out perfect. class was good, not fun but good. vito looked amazing so it was hard to concentrate but i managed. hehe. then after class it was kinda weird cause it was like "hi" but we still didnt talk about what happened the day before. But then i apologized to him and we talked about it a little but then he had office hours so we had to put that off for a few more hours which drove me nuts cause he said he didnt feel well about it.

so after all that we went back to my place and seriously talked about it and worked everything out. i told him exactly how i felt about everything and how i was really sorry, and i think we talked everything out well enough. I'm glad with how we worked everything out and i feel better about it all.

after that i went to eat with andrea, josh, jim and loreann (ick). we got food and then we went to eat outside. it was really nice. i think i like doing that on a daily basis cause we go when its not so hot out anymore and its just so pretty. i should start taking my camera around and getting all the beautiful shots.

then we just hung out for the rest of the night, and fooled around and went to eat nd talked a lot. lol, it was a fun night all in all. i felt really close to him last night and i just wanted to be around him.

Today i am tired as hell, but i am in a good mood. everything is good right now. tomorrow i am going to NYC but we must keep that on the down low hehe. just for the weekend though so we can check out the paprtments and stuff. i feel bad not telling my parents and my sister and stuff, but i know i wont have enough time to see them anyway, and i dont want them to get on my case about it. so today i have lundry to do, and cleaning, and i have to take care of last minute stuff, and vito wants to take me to the eye doctor so i can get a better prescription. hehe, he is so cute...
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