May 6th, 2002

Felix- to the left

last day of the school year

Ive been at Vito's house the past couple of days. Weve been packing and helping his mom move into her new house and putting his stuff in storage and all that. Its been a pretty fun couple of days cause we have been so productive. yesterday we came back to my place and started packing up my room too. That was a huge deal cause my room is such an intense mess. And Mary was being an intense bitch once again, moving all my stuff ontop of eachother so i couldnt even get started packing. So we got a few boxes done, then we took a break and watched the x-files, which was pretty fuckin awsome, and then we got back to packing. I was totally gonna have a nervouse breakdown cause all my stuff was everywhere and i was getting so tired and fed up, so i lay down for a bit and Vito just decided to put everything together himself. He did such an amazing job, i couldnt believe it. Totally saved my sanity. So i still have packing to do, but today is my math final, which he just does not want to get up and write hehe.

Hopefully i can get all of it done soon and then relax and hang out with Josh and Andrea on the last day here. This is all gonna be so hard. I am really excited though. I hope this summer works out. I have a good feeling and a nervous feeling at the same time. I really wanna go back to bed now...
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packing sucks

i hate packing
i hate finals
i hate roomates
i hate boxes
i hate phone calls waking me up
i hate rushing everything into 2 hours when you really need like a day
i hate the sun
i hate medications
i hate mail
i hate messes
i hate random things that dont go into any boxes cause they dont really fit into any categories
i hate 9 hour rides in a uhaul truck
i hate people telling me to be quiet
i hate wires
i hate screwes in the wall that leave big marks
i hate being hungry
i hate uncles
i hate when people leave things to the last minute me included
i hate the top shelf that i cant reach cause its too high, i'm not the short one.
i hate cellphones that dont work
i hate things that are just a centimeter too big to fit in a box
i hate laundry
i hate clothes and hangers
and i hate tongue rings that stab the top of my mouth. argh

i just want to go already. i hate waiting.
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Felix- to the left

how much do i love math?

so yeah, i am gonna put my worries aside and just go take my math final. Get it over with. I am sooo tired cause i was woken up so many times last night and all that, but i think i can pull it off. I feel better about the packing and all that so it should be ok.

all i gotta do now is breath. hehe
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Felix- to the left

*i wanna be a rock superstar*

lets see how many journal entries i can write today so i can avoid packing and stuff. lol

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took my math final. it was ok. nothin special. so now i am back to packing again. actually i am just sitting here at my computer listening to music and singing along. I am soooooo tired. Waiting for Vito to come back. tonight should be good cranky fun. hehe =)
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