June 14th, 2002

Felix- to the left

hip hip hooray

contrary to popular belief...i am not dead! yay!!! lol i think. anyway, sorry for my long absence. i havnt been online at all for about a month. i was about to die without it...actually i was getting used to it. i had 307 emails though which was not fun to look through. so Vito finally got internet connection and i finally have my life back. lol how dorky do i sound. but i did miss all my internet friends to DEATH!!! and i did think of all of you. i'll start reading your entries again but i cant catch up. a month is just too hard to do.

anyway, stuff has been going well. we finally patched a few things up and life is going better. Vito and i are getting along really well and i think its gonna work out a lot better then we thought. i am in the process of putting together furniture and finally getting my shit out of boxes. it was so depressing that i had to wait this long. and i am looking for a job which is taking longer then i thought. i really dont want one either. i just want to do photography...

yestrday we went to this awsome sex party in the village. everyone looked so beautiful. it was wonderful how everyone was so free and happy. those are my people baby. we even got the email address of these cute girls which we fantasized about all night. hehe

we have been watching a lot of sex in the city together which has been so mush fun. i love lying in bed with him and talking, and walking down the street with his arm around me. it feels so good. we've also been eating really healthy and trying to get in shape which is so awsome cause i always wanted someone to help motivate me and Vito is perfect for that.

so i am back in action. i probably wont update as much as i used to, but i will try as much as possible.
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Felix- to the left

wish i was tired

i'm sitting here trying to pass the time while Vito is sleping and i'm suddenly wondering what i used to do for hours online. i really cant find a thing to do. maybe ive grown out of looking at movie stars and chatting in chat rooms and all that. its kinda sad really. or maybe it used to be and now i am growing up. i dont know...it just got me thinking about things. ive totally reversed my day. we sleep all day and we are up all night, except most of the rest of the world isnt. and Vito gets depressed when he gets no sun. but i think best at night. and i hate the day. its just hard for me to find things to do. I know i would have gotten way more ahead with the whole job thing if i would be up more during the day...cause thats whats keeping m from doing it like 90% of the time. the other 10% is my total unmotivation to get a job even though i know i have to pay half the rent. Vito said i didnt have to cause he loves being with me and te rent doesnt matter to him as long as he haves me...or something like that. but i cant just not pay. so thats kind of stressing me out. i wish i could just do what i love...
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Felix- to the left

too tired

didnt sleep at all last night. we stayed up and watched the last five episodes of sex and the city. i cant believe i swore i would never watch that and here i am watching the whole thing...and austin powers. i feel ok though. and i actually really like sex and the city. today it got me sad though. for various charlotte related reasons if you know what i mean. i dont know, i guess i am just being silly...or being a girl. sometimes its the same thing.

i have to take my dad to the eye doctor today cause he can hardly see. he got surgery yesterday cause he is slowely going blind. i know hes depressed over it but its hard for me to feel bad for him.

i am so tired right now so thats not really helping much. i just want to pass out and sleep for hours but i cant. Vito went bed but i have to wake up in like 2 hours so i mine as well not even bother going to sleep. then tomorrow we are going to my older sisters house for fathers day. i hate fathers day but i love going to my sisters house. so we'll see how that turns out...
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