August 25th, 2002

Felix- to the left

yes we like the rain =)

So i thought i would be left wiht nothing to fo tonight, but my savior came though!! go jensen!!! go lily!!! lol. anyway they came over and we watched Cecil B. Demented. It was a cool movie. Then we went to DTUT again for like the millions time. but i love it soooo much. We got smores and it was so fun. It was really good to hang out with them. i Had so much fun. I wish Lily wasnt going back so soon because i think we all would have such a good time together if she lived here. Tomorrow we are all going to some music festival in the village. i hope its good.

I have this sore spot on my foot that really hurts cause we walked home from jens house and i was wearing my big 'goth' shoes so now i am paying for it. haha...

sometimes things can be so frustrating...
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Felix- to the left

blah blah blah

i had like 4 hours of sleep last night. blah. this is why i hate going places. then iam tired and moody al the next day. Atleast we are doing something fun in the village today. the village is always good. Its some kind of music festival that i know nothing about cause i deleted the only email i got on it. so now i have to wait for annie and then jensen and lily, and then we can go.

Tomorrow Kinga is supposed to come back into the city. i really hope she does. i know how she is about those kinds of things though. she doesnt always go through with her plans. it would be nice to see her though, and party a little...
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