August 29th, 2002

Felix- to the left


i got my computer working finally! Vito was starting to get annoyed with me always being on his computer so he helped me set mine up. now i can be on it all day long!! lol...except when he is doing work.

god i love my computer so much better...
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Felix- to the left

naked goth girls yippee!!

I still havent slept yet. i am so tired i am gonna fall over but i cant get off of my computer! lol...

Kinga is coming soon and i am gonna be exhausted.

Vito looks so cute in his fleece plaid sleeping pants and a white tshirt. i just want to hug him and hug him...but he wants to sleep. lol sleep? whats that?

i just know annie is gonna call me at an ungodly hour when i just finally fall asleep. ugh...
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Felix- to the left

i dont know...

So Kinga is in the city and is coming over...and Vito decides he wants to go to sleep. I know hes depressed, but so am i...i just think if he did something or let me help him, he would feel better...

I got like no sleep last night. it was horrible. And i wake up like on the verge of being ok and not being ok...and then he tells me maybe i should just go hang out with Kinga...i knew he would say that cause he always does, and that just really sucks.

but he has been trying...and he has been cute. i just wishe he would listen to me sometimes...
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Felix- to the left

just thought id do a few of these...hehe

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