February 5th, 2003

Felix- to the left


so i never went to my therapy appointment. vito didnt want to go and i didnt really either. so she kept calling back trying to get us to come and then trying toget us to come today too. it was such a pain in the ass. i was already feeling like shit and i didnt need that. i was so annoyed. ugh. and i am not going today either. fuckin people. i wish they would just leave me alone.

so now i just watched pusher. i remember when the x-files used to be so good, and then by the end it was so...i dunno. not as good. anyway, whatever. i miss it.

my life has become one big boring day. everyday is the same, and i do nothing but watch tv and wait for vito to come home. i dont know what to do to change this...something that i can do that wont make me be with people, or depress me even more. yeah right.

i want chocolate so bad.
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