March 16th, 2003

Felix- to the left

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You're an Espresso

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i really fucking hate saturday nights. especially when people say they are gonna do something, and then just dont. whatever. i am so tired of waiting for everyone. thats all i seem to be doing my entire life.

vito told me to get some sleep instead so we can go out tomorrow when the weather is nice. um...well i wont wanna go out tomorrow at all if i am in a bad mood from tonight. when are people gonna catch on...
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Felix- to the left

feelin better

i hope we go out today. do something fun. its so freakin nice out!!! ever since we watched vitos old spring break video the other day, i have been itching for warmth. i wanna go out in a skirt and a tanktop, and really need my sunglasses. i wish the two of us could go on spring break. it looked so nice, and so great to share with someone.

mmm i love cream eggs...
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