April 26th, 2003

Felix- to the left

forever young

the other day i went with vito to lunch, we did some running around to take care of a few of his things. i think this was thursday. it was good to spend time with him. he made copies of his books, then we went to mcdonalds. he had a sandwich he made with stuff he got from food emporium lol. it was cute. then we went to the library. i got a bunch of cool books. i hope i get through all of them. i dont know why i am mentioning this now. i guess i just had a good time and i dont want to forget it. and i wore this red flower in my hair and vito really liked it. yeah...

so we ended up not going to the film festival because all cold medicine knocks me out, and i couldnt get up. so later on when i woke up, we decided to do soemthing else. we meaning annie and i cause vito never wants to hang out anymore. so we got all dressed up and went to this club called the funhouse. we got drunk beforehand so getting there was so weird. especially looking all goth, people were staring. it was funny. anyway, the club was cool. there was like hardly anyone there which sucked, but i danced a lot. it was fun to be in my element. then i dancd a bunch waiting while these guys jerked off while giving annie a foot massage, it was weird but hey, we are all weird. lol. and this girl was dancing with me and like practically going down on me, but she was like gross. lol so we left.

by the time we got home which was like 4am, vito wanted to go to sleep. i was pretty upset but i just let it go. i guess he just needs his meds to kick in. today was cool though. he studied, and i read my books and went on the internet. he was so cuddly and kissy with me. it felt really good. it made me feel so much better about everything. now i am sitting here bored, wondering if my saturday night will be dead. ugh, i hate that.

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Felix- to the left

and what?

this was at 4am when we got back from the club. so dont laugh if i dont look super cool lol.

and thats all your getting. poo.

and yeah i guess we are going to ladies night tonight.

oh and i cried for like an hour cause vito told me what they do to the little bunny rabbits when they do animal testing. fuck all those people. i'm about to throw half my shit out. or send it back to them to tell them that i dont need their shit if they test it on helpless animals.

people suck. except for the ones i love.
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