May 10th, 2003

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last night

Last night annie and i went to the pyramid. it was like goth night or something. so we got all dressed up and we were headed out. when we got out this guy asked me for a light. so i gave him a light and he gave me $2 for a cigarette cause i told him i was poor lol. then he said he thought i was cool and intelligent and not like most goth;s lol i dont know what that means. so we brought us inside and bought us a drink. we always get sucked into there. so all our usual friends were there. the owner came to talk to us for a while and we talked to pete and stuart the bartenders, who bought us drinks lol. it was so funny cause we werent even planning on staying there. then the guy who first bought us a drink gave us $10 to take acab to wherever we were going cause he liked us so much. it was so weird and cool at the same time.

so finally at like 2:30 we lwft the bar and went over to the pyramid. it was pretty fun. i totally danced my ass off but i was like half drunk so i was so dehydrated. it was still fun to dance massivly though. good work out hehe. then at the end i started talking to thins girl that i had my eye on. we exchanged email and we walked with her to the train. she was so cute and energetic. so all in all we had a really fun night.

then today i slept all day cause i didnt go to sleep till like 8am. i woke up at 6:30 and i was like shit , we have to go to my parents house, cause my grandma was coming today so we had to go to diner. so i got up and hauled ass wearing the same crazy makeup as yesterday lol. so we went over and had a boring time. my dad talked to vito about a few things. i dunno. vito just doesnt wanna go back with me to buffalo no matter what. its really upsetting. but there is nothing i can do i guess. if he doesnt wanna be with me there then i just have to either decide to stay here and give up everything to be with him, or go and be without him. he is not willing to do the same for me, so i have to make the compromise...

i feel like i am always the one getting pushed around.

tomorrow morning i have to get up at the ass crack of dawn and go to my cousins communion. its gonna be the worse thing ever. i have to be there at 9 and then the thing is gonna eb till 12. i think i am gonna die. lol. then i get to hang out with fragilegrrl i am sooooo excited. we are gonna go shoppin and smokin and maybe more...hehe its gonna be awsome. so atleast i have that to look forward to...
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these are pics from ysterda and i think the night before when we were getting home from the club at 5am. hehe

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long day

so my cousins communion was ok. he was so cute. i had a massive panick attack in the middle of it though. that was so not fun. i didnt wanna leave though cause i didnt want to make a big deal out of it. good thing vito was there to comfort me and i brought an extra pill. afterwards we went out to eat at this cute cafe and i had this really fuckin good burger hehe. i was waiting for people to call but that didnt work out :( maybe next time. (hope your alright hun) so my fam took a bunch of pics and then they went home. i went shoppin alone. i got some cool things at claires. then i came home to change cause the shoes i was wearing were so painful lol.

then i went to meet annie in the village. we hung out for a while and i bought a lot of cool stuff hehe. it makes me feel better. so now we are home. i am eating my frostie, vito is studying and annie and i are trying to figure out what to do tonight hehe. isnt that always what we do saturday night?!??!

i have such a headache and i am so tired and crampy, but we MUST do something lol.

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