July 6th, 2003

Felix- to the left

no more confusion please...

so lets see how i can sum up the rest of what happened this week.Lily came over on the 1st. she called actually and i fell asleep on the phone with her so she just came over and jumped on me till i woke up. it was really hard. i was very tired, depressed, and definitly not in the mood to talk to people. but once she and vito got me up i was ok. she has a very contagious bouncyness about her ;) so we went to get food, took some pics, hung out and had a blast. it was pretty awsome. and i am so glad i got to see her before she went home.

On the 2nd, there was a huge fiasco because i wanted coke and annie was mad and blah blah, so thats when i wrote the last entry. since then i have only done a very little. it moderation. i am pretty impressed with myself and dealing with it. so after that we went to dwaynes house with vito and we played a game called dirty minds. that was pretty fun. i got drunk which i didnt like very much, we slept at dwaynes and had to get up mad early. i felt sick, but then i did coke when i got home and i was ok. very little coke.

the next day annie was just very bitchy to me. we were gonna dye eachothers hair but i just didnt want to be around them...or her rather. so later that night she called and we talked about the drug thing. i still think everyone made a big production out of it and i didnt do anything wrong, but she had to wait that night so she was annoyed. so then i cried really hard for a long time and just went to bed cause no one wanted to be around me. vito even wanted to leave.

then friday was the 4th of july. yay. this is the first year of my entire life that i didnt go to my grandmas house. my parents had to go to a stupid wedding, so they just dropped my sister off. josh and andrea were having a party too, but i just didnt feel like going without vito. so what we ended up doing was annie, dwayne and i went shopping in the village. dwayne bought me some pretty cool things. so we walked around and ate, and then we came back to my place to change. then we went to christine's house for a barbeque. i really wanted vito to come but he just couldnt get out of bed. he was upset and everthing and just wouldnt come. i really wanted to share that day with him. we got to chris's and made drinks. i dont really drink anymore so i didnt have anything. christina had little american flags for us, and these cute american flag headbands. so then we actually went to see the fireworks. they were soooo awsome. we just went way down to this sidestreet where everyone was watching them. all of them were so beautiful. it was really nice to see them live. i wish vito could have been there to see it. i wish i could have put my arms around him and watched it with him. dwayne and i got really close though so that was cool, cause i really like him. so we decided to leave christines and go back to my place. we played dirty minds again for a while, but it was getting too silly and weird cause we were all so horny. so vito made this big deal about our sexuality instead of just letting it happen.. but it was ok cause when we lay down everything was good. dwayne was caressing me and holding my hand. i fell asleep in his arms and we made out before he and annie left to go back to his place.

so the next day i woke up around 6 and called annie. they came over here and we went to play pool. i wasnt really into it so annie was upset or something. we talked and she thought she might like dwayne now too, which only makes things more complicated. so we decided to go smoke some pot and drink ant dwaynes and see what happens, and then come home and be with vito. so dwayne and i totally hooked up, but i was so worried about vito cause annie fell asleep and didnt want to go back to our place and i knew vito would be upset. but there was nothing i could do, and dwayne and i were gettin real passionate. but i didnt want to be with annie so i think she's mad. ugh i dunno. it was really nice being with dwayne. i am just gonna have hickies for the rest of my days lol. so yeah then i came home cause vito called me worried many times. so i left dwayne and now we dont know whats gonna happen today. hes gonna have to deal with annie and what she says. she probably wants to be with him now and me out of the picture. but thats totally unfair. this is all just speculation though....

so yes, these are the days of our lives. pictures will be up shortyly :)
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