July 24th, 2003

Felix- to the left


ok so i am not dead. sorry. lol. but i have been away for a while. back and forth really. and a lot has happened. grrr i wanna write about it all so i dont forget, but i really cant. its just too much. ive been staying mostly at dwaynes. he is trying to get a job in manhattan so he can stay here. we are so massivly involved, and like, love eachother now. so thats new and cool and weird all at the same time.

things have been tough with vito and i cause of it all, but hey, its an open relationship. wasnt my idea lol. we broke up for a few days which was like a really long time cause that has never happened before. but we worked it out and i think we are gonna be ok. the intensnes of that heartache was unbelievable.

so dwayne is leaving sunday morning. he is hoping to be back in a few weeks. i decided to spend the night here though so i could spend time with vito and dwayne could spend time with annie alone. the only thing is, tomorrow morning is the only time i can be with dwayne alone and i dont know if it will happen. thats gonna suck. anyway, thats whats been going on with me right now.

all in all, i feel like a stronger better person. i havent had my meds for a few days so that really sucks. and i might die but i am trying really hard hehe.

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Felix- to the left



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