September 6th, 2003

Felix- to the left

outside and math

today was pretty fun. i woke up and got ready and vito and i went out. he was drawing a tree for a while as i watched. he is a pretty good artist when he puts time into it. he is always rushing though. we were gonna go to the library but it was late, so we just went to eat at wendys. we just sat there and talked for a while. he was trying to do this math thing while we ate lol. so then we sat on a bench outside cause it was really nice out today. he did more of his math thing whle i took pictures and watched weird people hehe. i like being outside with him.

so later i was supposed to hang out with annie, but i am tired and dont feel well. plus things are just too weird. i like how things are with me and vito right now and dont want to screw them up. so now she is giving me crap and aggrivating me, which is exactly what i was trying to avoid. grr she is pain n my ass.

so now i am just chillin with vito. he slept for a whle but he is up now. i think his medicine is helping him :) maybe we will watch a movie or dead like me later :)

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