November 12th, 2003

Felix- to the left


grrr. just grrr. what the hell am i supposed to do tonight. the girl i have been hating and hurting over invites me to a concert with her, and wants to make up. its like i want to, but it hurts too bad. and i dont know what to do. i dont think i could even look at her without wanting to rip her head off. but sometimes i do want to hang out with her.

i hate making decisions. decisions were not made for libras...
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Felix- to the left

this is like unbelievable lol

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Generated on Wed Nov 12 13:05:50 2003.

Your Existing Situation

Pursues her objectives and her own-self-interest with stubborn determination; refuses to compromise or make concessions.

Your Stress Sources

Unfulfilled hopes have led to uncertainty and apprehension. Needs to feel secure and to avoid any further disappointment, and fears being passed over or losing standings and prestige. Doubts that things will be any better in the future and this negative attitude leads her to make exaggerated demands and to refuse to make reasonable compromises.

Your Restrained Characteristics

Willing to participate and to allow herself to become involved, but tries to fend off conflict and disturbance in order to reduce tension.

Able to achieve satisfaction through sexual activity but is inclined to be emotionally withdrawn, which prevents her from becoming deeply involved.

Your Desired Objective

Preoccupied with things of an intensely exciting nature, whether erotically stimulating or otherwise. Wants to be regarded as an exciting and interesting personality with an altogether charming and impressive influence on others. Uses tactics skillfully so as to avoid endangering her chances of success or undermining others' confidence in herself.

Your Actual Problem

Disappointment and the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals have led to stress and anxiety. She wants congenial contact with others and scope for development, but feels that her relationships are empty and her progress impeded. She reacts with an intense and zealous activity designed to achieve her aims at all costs.
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    anxious anxious