November 21st, 2003

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mah new bag. sexy huh.

i hate nights where everyone ditched me. people i dont even want to hang out with ditch me. and i really have no one else to go out with. so i just sit here all by my fucking self doing nothing. i thought i wasnt supposed to be so lonely anymore. i thought that aspect was suppost to change. or even if i am lonely, it would be ok if someone cared. if someone was like, i really want to, and i will try my best to when i feel better, but right now i am just too tired. that would be nice.

i am just so worn out and tired of this. i really hate my life.
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Felix- to the left

good quote

and before I kill myself
I will push you away
and make you think
I dont love you
to numb your pain

aint it?
so many people fall for that trick. dont fall for it. just be there. always.
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this is one of my favorite pics from last year. i lost it up until now. so i am posting it ;)

so my sister is coming today. i'm sooo excited. i hope this thanksgiving is good. i am really looking forward to it. i just want it to be really good this year. atleast the holidays should be good if nothing else. so vito went to the needle exchange. everytime we get there its closed cause we get distracted by food or comic book shops lol. so he is finally gonna get there on time today. so i went to mcdonalds, then i am finally sitting down so i watched th new FLickerstick DVD which is so awsome. it brought back a lot of good fun memories. i miss seeing them so much grr.

then later we are going to my parents house for diner so i can see my sister. and then i dunno. annie wants to go out and get wasted. but i guess it depends on what my sister wants to do cause i would MUCH rather hang out with her. especially with all the limited time and all. and vito likes my sister much more too so maybe he will wanna hang out, whihc will be nice cause last time we had so much fun.

ok make the rambling stop. now its time for some old school flickerstick. ahh fletcher ;) (miss you _welaughindoors)
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i hate shit like this

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