January 15th, 2004

Felix- to the left

woo for me

soooo....i suck so bad. only i would miss class the first week of school. but damn i couldnt sleep and i was having horrible dreams that we went to get vito so he could come up here, and all kinds of bad shit was happening and we kept losing him. and we left, but i was always thinking how much he loved me and would come, but he never did. i dont know, it sounds dorky when i write it, but in reality it was horrible. ugh

so now i have to go take care of a few things and then i have world civ at 3:30. what fun.

but i did make a new friend!!! so i am gonne hang out with her tonight. it will be good to have someone who shares my interests and actually wants to be friends with me. lol i am such a dork.
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