January 17th, 2004

Felix- to the left

fat chance

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well duh. lol

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Felix- to the left

today is the day

so vito is coming up today.i completely cant wait to see him. he left this morning, i had to calm him a little, but it really helped and he made it to the train staion. so he left at 10:30 and should be here around 6:30!! then in a week he is going back for the court cause and then moving the rest of his stuff up here. i am so excited. plus i have off on monday so i can spend that day with him too. last night he told me he loves me more than anyone in his life. even more then anneliese. thats pretty amazing considering their 5 years. ive always felt so second place to her. but i see no that no matter what, he loves me a lot.

so now i am cleaning the house cause his mom and brother are picking him up and then they are coming over for diner. i am so nervous but so excited too :)
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