January 30th, 2004

Felix- to the left

i want to believe

got this from the newsletter and it seemd pretty fitting. this is for my x-philes. you know who you are ;)

1999. Almost five years ago.

Back then, we were all terrified about the Y2K bug. Remember? And Star Wars: Episode I had just hit theaters, beginning the modern era of Star Wars.

The X-Files was in its heyday, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson both still on the show. Heck, back then there still was a show.

This issue's feature takes us back to Spring 1999 and a feature on Duchovny. Reading it definitely takes me back to that era of X-Files fandom, and to my memories of watching the show with my friends on Sunday nights. Windows wide open in the spring and fall, cozy with the heater on during the Chicago winters, we'd gather each week and thrill to the latest exploits of Mulder and Scully. That group of X-Philes endured in my living room right through the finale of the series. They're all still my friends, and every once in a while, some nugget of a joke or a moment from those great episodes will find its way back into our conversation. We were friends before The X-Files and we'll be friends long after it, but the show still brought us together.

Here's to the days of X-Files gone by, and the friends we shared them with...
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