February 16th, 2004

Felix- to the left

last night

i cant even begin to explain...

but now i gotta sleep cause i feel like i might just die.

and i gotta prepare for tonights festivities.

beth, i owe you big time. i will make it up to you i promise. im sorry for being such a sucky friend today. we should party maybe later? my phone is like completely dead but when i charge it i will call you or get online and im you. <33333
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Felix- to the left


where should i begin...valentines day was cool. we didnt do anything but unload the WHOLE truck of our apartment with vito's family. that was pretty cool. it was a bonding experience hehe. ive been getting along so much better with them lately, its great. then we went to eat at pizza plant where they have these cool pizza pod things, and then vito;s mom drove me over to her place. vito was up but he was tired and grumpy, not really valentines day attitude, but i was just so happy to see him and that he was here so it was ok, then we just came back home, fooled around a lot and went to sleep. i wanted to go out but we kinda got into arguements about me going out and going with mike and all that. but its all good now.

so then yesterday we just slept lots and then we were gonna go to marcellas but we ended up going to my friend Tali's place. it was a pretty cool party but lets just say lots of things happened. some that shouldnt have and vito was a bit upset cause stuff happened with him that he didnt want. so we just stayed there while everyone else left and hung out with Tali, so that was cool. shes such an awsome girl. i am so glad i finally went out to meet her. so now she may be staying with us for a while which is gonna be fun. we are gonna be crazy girls hehe. things are getting so weird around here but i am kinda just going with the flow and they are turning out to be exciting and fun.

so tonight tali and mike are coming over and we are gonna party big time. vito is pretty excited and its so funny cause him and mike seem to be getting along really well haha. he says they are gonna compare notes lol. and they both look so hot, its gonna get crazy hehe. so we will see how tonight goes. it should be soo much fun. im so glad i am getting to meet such great people around here :)
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