March 15th, 2004

Felix- to the left

maybe things will turn aound.

so wow i havent written in here for a while. there is just too much to write about i guess. and maybe i just cant write about it right now. i wouldnt even know where to begin. i did get a lip ring like last week so thats cool. ill post pics as soon as i get some.i hope my parents dont totally flip!!!

monday katie vito and i dd shrooms and it turned into an emotional disaster. i feel like im damaged in certain ways but im just trying to hang in there.

so this week is spring break. i went to my womens studies class and they were so cool about my midterm. they said they have to take a few points off but it was probably an A paper anyway so its not gonna be too bad.and i can make up all the work i missed. so i am excited about that. then i went to the bookstore and got a few books and a journal so i guess thats why i havent been writing in here as much. its nice to just write with a pen on paper. other then that ive just been hangin out with vito, mike, ken, chris and tali. the dynamic seems ok when we are having fun but when it comes to household stuff i guess i get a bit ticked off cause of dishes and stuff like that.

i am going home wed or thursday to the city which i am soooo excited about. i dunno if i should go for st.patricks day cause we totally missed it here.mike and i just went to marcellas which waspretty fun but i still want to do the whole st.pattys day thing. and then saturday we are going to oneonta to visit my sooo excited about that. i feel like i havent seen her in forever.

so today brigid is supposed to come to buffalo. we are pretty excited about that except we cant get in touch with herlol. i hope things work out ok. so far i guess in light of monday, it made me think about a lot of things and i think i can pull myself together. since then vito and i have been so much closer and he has been so much nicer.i think its the meds too, but either way its so nice.
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Felix- to the left


i have such a headach.

and i have soooo much work to do.

for som reason i feel so sad. i wanna hang out with vito but he's sleeping. i hope we can hang out later or something. things have been going so well with him.i wish this wasnt the week i had to go hom. that always happens.

im pretty excited though. and stressed at the same time. i should start packing, but i dont even know where do begin.
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