March 25th, 2004

Felix- to the left

talking isnt always communicating.

so this week has been pretty ok. i got most of my work done on time for my WS class. it was good to be back there and see everyone, including the teachers. i got a B+ on my midterm and if i wouldnt have handed it in late i would have gotten an A. grr that sucks but atleast i did ok anyway.

i havent really been hanging out with friends.ive been just staying in my room and stuff. i know its my meds. i remember how i used to be so antisocial. i really need to get more. i cant stay locked in my room forever. ive been noticing that getting places has been harder and more stressful. and seeing people...well ive been tryng to avoid it if i can.

last night vito's mom and brother came over.she took us out to eat at Amy's place and then we went to see eternal sunshine of the spottless mind whch was such an excelent movie. it was sad and happy and weird and heartwarming all at the same time. its definitly one of my new fav movies. kate winslet was soo good in it. and the hair was awsome hehe.

so other then that things have been ok. vito has been so much more understanding and willing to talk about stuff, and saying sorry when he does stupid shit. its helped me be more calm too and try to hear him. so all in all things between us are going pretty well. we mostly only argue about other people or outside factors. im glad to have my baby back :)
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