March 31st, 2004

Felix- to the left

hell yeah girls rock.

why do i forget to write in here sometimes?? lol. so yeah the past few days have been pretty good with a touch of bad but that happens i guess. vito has been up and down but all in all hes been pretty good about it. he apologizes for the most part when he is being an ass and the other stuff i just let go. give a little a guess. so lets see...sunday it was the most beautiful day ever so vito and i decided we would go out someplace nice. and then he was like oh lets invite brigid since we have been wanting to hang out with her for so long. so we got ready and picked her and her sister up and went to wendys and then hung out back at our place for a while. it was so fuckin nice out i couldnt believe it.we all talke for a super long time which was fun and then we got some crazy shit and things went down from there but i dont really want to talk about that part. lets just say vito was bummed after that but i think maybe we finally got to the end of it. hopefully.

so the next day he slept all day and i just hung around. then tali called cause her and her friend needed to be picked up from rolelrblading so vito and i went to get her with the car and then we decided to take it back out so he could get a modem. he was in such a good mood and soooo sweet. it was really nice. so we finished up at best buy and then we decided to go to roadhouse grill. i had such an awsome night with him there. we just talked and ate and laughed and had a good time. that hasnt really happened in a long time. and he didnt get moody or weird or anything. it was just like 2 normal people sitting down to eat and have a good time. then we came home and vito and i went to check tali's car cause it was being weird. vito taught me all the stuff in the car hehe. he actually decided to sleep with me that night. that hasnt happened in a while and i miss it.

so then tuesday we woke up late and i was like blah and he was too. so i decided to just get up and shower while he went back to sleep. mike came over for a while and then had to go to work. tali made home made cookies which were so fun. then we talked for a bit about recipies. it was pretty nice out outside despite the rain. then we decided we would go pick up brigid and hang out. so on our way back we stopped at the mall to look for pants for her and i got the cutest skirt and vito got me this cute shirt he found. i was so happy hehe. then brigid wanted cloves so we were gonna go to pavilion but it was closed so we went to UB north to ellicott and just got some there. then i realized how hungry i was and how much dining dollars i had so we got some food too. i waited for like half an hour and then we finally left. haha. so we got home and ate and then we decided to trip. i was soooo nervous cause cid is like the one thing i always swore i would never do. so we did it and then chris came over so we all hung out. we finallyy got out on the porch an chris finally talked us into strip poker. the whole night was just sooo damn fun. it was some crazy cool shit. and then the next morning tali brigid and i just hung out and talked and it was so cool. im so tired of stupid girls. it was nice to finally just be with girls that were real and not so blonde lol. it was so fun how they got that and i was like ugh finally!! lol

so then i got cranky and went to bed, wher vito was already cranky. lol. i missed my class today too but i never miss it so i guess its ok. and the teachers love me so i doubt it will be much of a problem. i just hope i get more sleep and the crankyness doesnt continue. and i hope vito wakes up alright too hehe.

i realized how tired i am talking to stupidity. drives me nuts. and i think this lip ring is just getting too annoying.
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Felix- to the left

and suddenly i miss it all...walking in the rain, holding your hand

i hate when i get moments where i look back on stuff and miss it so much. and for a few minutes i just want to be back there. in that moment. wishing it could go on forever.

and on that note hehe

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Felix- to the left

this is what i do on a wed when i dont go to class

stolen from lostnsidemyself :)

- What color underwear are you wearing: blue with stars on the waistband
- Age of first kiss: like ever?? probably 5 lol ;p but for real like 14 i think
- Other person's age: 13
- Favorite way to kiss: soft, with tongue and passion, then getting more intense. yum.
-Age you lost your virginity: 19
- Do you regret it:i dont regret who it was with at all but i regret how or why i guess. i dunno
- Ever had a one night stand: yep. i hated it.
- Where have you had sex besides a bed: the floor lol
- Do you like 'making love,' 'having sex,' or 'fucking': making love the best, but fucking is awsome too.
- Favorite Position: hmmmm whatever flows at the time hehe
- Had anal sex: nope
- Did you like it: n/a
- Have you given head: haha yes. tons.
- Giving or receiving: hmmm well duh. recieving.
- 69: bothers me a little.
- Kissed somebody after they gave you oral sex: im sure i have. what of it?
- Are you loud during sex: haha yeah i am ;)
- What turns you on the most: kissing...everywhere, touching
- What tricks have you learned to use on the same sex: im good with my tongue ;)
- How sexual would your perfect boyfriend be: pretty damn sexual. like all the time. morning sex would be sooo nice.
- Which celebrity would you have sex with: angelina jolie, david duchovny ;p
- Ever been tested for STD's: nope. dont really feel the need to. im all safe like that
- Ever taken nude pictures: yep
- Would you: uh yeah
- Would you let somebody videotape you having sex: haha id let myself videotape me having myself.
- Have you used any food during sex: like whipped cream, chocolate syrup, strawberry powder stuff. yup
- Ever participated in bondage: sort of
- What is the sexiest thing about a guy: his back an butt
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Felix- to the left


new x-files movie in the works.

best news ever <---ok im not that dorky. but its pretty damn awsome news.

hell yes. :)
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