April 7th, 2004

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sooo...this weekend and week have been interesting. things have been going good. pretty perfect actually. im having sort of an issue with a few things but i think that will all blow over. sometimes i realize how fucked up people can be. trying to mess things up for people.

other then that ive been hanging out with mike and brigid a lot. we go to the vending machines now on campus really late at night when noone else is around. its pretty fun. hehe

and things have been going good with vito too. today i got upset cause i was having a really hard time going to my WS class cause i had to present my final topic and i dont get up infront of people. i just dont. social anxiety kicks in and i want to die. so i didnt want to go and then 11:45 rolls around and im like fuck, i can do it. i wanna go. so im trying to get a little compassion out of vito but he was upset or anxious or something. so i was like thanks for being there for me, fuck it, and i just decided i would get up and go. so chris drove me which was so awsome. and i got there half an hour late but i got there atleast. and i did my thing and itwas no big deal. so im really proud of me for that. then i came home and cleaned my room and made a sandwich for vito and things were ok. i just have to learn to pull myself together and not need people as much as i do. thats life.

i made diner yesterday too. chicken and potatoes hehe. and it was damn good :) vito loved it.

i might be going to washington DC at the end of april for the march for womens lives. probably with richard and 4 other girls from the class. its gonna be so awsome. i hope i dont chicken out.
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