June 18th, 2004

Felix- to the left

just some random thoughts

sometimes its hard not to want to let go. of everything. life, people, life...

its like years go by and you wonder how much youve accomplished, if anything at all. or if you strip away certain things are you right back where you started. and even if you did make these accomplishments, what good are they.

im just so damn stressed. i can feel that pain in my stomach. the one that just wont go away. its friday in the summer, im not supposed to feel like this.

i wish i was home helping annie decorate her new place. ha i never thought id say that. which reminds me i havent called my parents in about 2 weeks now. cause thats how i get. i havent even called them. guess what, im not a superstar.

ok no further sob stories cause i sound like im just massivly fucked up. back to bed.

ad why does no one comment anymore. ima start cutting people :p
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