July 26th, 2004

Felix- to the left

for what its worth im still here

wow. ive been like dead to the world for the past 2 days. ive just bee feeling like such shit. so depressed. sometimes i cant take it anymore. i hate how things with him are so up and down. we watched dead like me together which is like our show. and it was great. and then after that i hung out in his room while he did his job stuff and i was super quiet. and then after that it just blew up. like, i try so hard but there is always something. so i took a bunch of tylenol pms, cut myself cause i had to, and just went to sleep. sleep is good when all you can do is cry.

later that night i woke up for like a second and he gave me soup he made for himself and told me he was sorry. and i was ok cause i was just so sleepy that all the world was ok. lol

so today i woke up like a little while ago and just layed around. i still just wanna sleep. and sleep and sleep. cause last night i seriously considered jumping out the window.

now im gonna go take a shower cause its been a while lol
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