July 28th, 2004

Felix- to the left


i wonder what it would be like if people actually got it.

like really got what it was all about.
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Felix- to the left

was it so bad though in the end? you know you liked it

she didnt really know what to do at that moment. so she just waited. waited to see what would happen to her. and then it just did. and faster than she could react he had her. had all of her. she could barely make out his face anymore. wondered if it was even looking at her, thinking of her. or just held her there like a piece of meat. something he could take and use and then toss aside. like other girls. that must have been it. the way he worked. she had heard that before. a reputation that preceeded. and in some way was appealing to her. in a way she knew what she was getting herself into. and as much as she hated it. she did it. and then it was like it never happend. she pulled herself together and whipped away the tears that he would never see. she sat alone with the hot stream running down her face, washing away the dirt. washing away what happened till it was only a dream. she wondered if she would ever wake up
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Felix- to the left

so this is it.

alright im gonna try and do this.

write about 5-10 of your friends on your friends list without revealing who it is. see if you can figure it out.

1.never met you, but weve been online friends for a long time. we have a love of bands and shows, which is why we started talking in the first place. we always wanted to go to fort worth ;) i am gonna meet you one day though since im sometimes in the same place you are. and i always loooove your hair!

2.one of my bestest friend. also met online. we planned to meet so long ago and when we finally did we hung out all the time. weve shared so much and ive really come to love you even though lately we havent seen eachother a lot. preppy boys and vibrators ;)

3. you are a really good friend that i admire and might even love ;) your the coolest guy i know. hardly ever see you but we still manage to talk every day, even if its just on our phones. we laugh about squishy mac n cheese and one day your even gonna dance! you know it! i love everything about you even though your so emo but thats ok cause you read my feminist books <3

4. one of the most beautiful girls ive ever met. inside and out. met you through a friend one day. you live so far away!!! and i always miss hanging out with you, even though you wake me up and jump on my bed ;) your the person who inspired me with photography, and loving myself. and damn i want you so bad ;)

5. i met you through my biggest obsession at the time. ive known you for so long. so glad when i finally met you. weve had our differences but weve helped eachother through so much. good times and bad. and you are so beautiful. i hope you will always know that. thanks for introducing me to good music :)

6. a newer online friend, we share interest in a few things such as stargate and buffy. no matter what we will always love scifi. i admire your art and your opinions. i hope i get to know you better.

7. my beautiful buffalo friend. im so glad i met you. you are everything wonderful in a girl and completely not fake. someone i could probably turn to for anything. and dance my heart out with.you deserve all the happyness in the world. cant wait to see more of you this year.

8. another cutie which i am still waiting to meet. glad your finally 18 ;) i think i had a crush on you from the first time i saw your beautiful face.

9. you are someone i admire very much. someone who if i knew, id probably look up to a lot and want to learn so much from. i learned the term pansexual from you, and i wanted to learn about feminism and gender theory because you made it seem so interesting. so thank you for that. and you are so very beautiful because you are you.

10. and last but definitly not least- i need more friends like you. open and smart and wanting to tell the world what needs to be said. you have an amazing smile and carry yourself with such pride. i hope to hang out with you more since technically we live on the same street now ;)
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