November 23rd, 2004

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so now im sitting in Capen at the Ub computer lab. I was just gonna sit around but then i read this new hack ub publication called the pillar and it angered me so much i had to come and write a letter to the editor. i have never done that before but this crap made me so mad. i wont get into it...ANyway

i finished both of my papers by 1:30am. record timing lol. i was so glad to be done. so then i go to print them out in vitos room and of course that is a huge fiasco and i went to bed all upset. i dont know why there has to be such grief over me using the thing for like 10 min tops. its such a struggle to keep things peaceful. and we were having a damn good day too. i dunno what it is. when hes tired he just gets so cranky. But he did say we would go see the Spongebob movie together today!! so im super excited about that! spongebob is just so damn hot.

so i talked to my mom this morning and shes all... oh leaving at 11 is soooo late!! wah wah wah. so now i dont know what im gonna do. im hardly ever in the city and im trying to cram seeing my friends in on one day. i dont understand what the big drama is about getting to jerseu at like 12:30-1am is. we wont die. so yeah im a little tiffed about that. not to mention my throat is still swollen as fuck and i feel like poopy. so i guess im little cranky too. but i just think its so not cool.

so i get here for my 11am class in which my english paper is due and there are like 4 people there and then this kid comes in and says there is no class and we just have to drop off our papers. and my next class isnt till 2. i could have slept like 4 more hours. fuckers. it was so hard for me to wake up too. so my 2pm class better be on or im gonna flip lol.

so yeah i strolled around campus, got the spongebob movie magazine and some green eyeshadow and then im gonna go to class then call vito and go see da movie. im excited about going home tomorrow. My aunt and cousin are gonna be there too!!! i love when they are there :) and i cant wait to see my sista so we can do crazy girl things!! hehe ;)
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Felix- to the left

merry thanksgiving

ok so i realized that im too all over the place to keep track of people and their christmas cards/packages things. so here is the post. If you want to exchange christmas cards and stuff reply to this post. ill screen the comments so no one but me will see addresses and whatnot. and for those of you that already posted something in your journals about christmas stuff, i want to do it with you i just didnt get a chance to reply so.. i think pips and drewsy? i think you guys had something...

anyway so here it is. christmas cards and stuff. im so excited!
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