December 1st, 2004

Felix- to the left

thanksgiving break part 1

alright so im gonna try to do as much of this as i possibly can in one sitting. the recap. sooo tuesday i met up with vito after class and we went to see the spongebob movie. very fuckin cute. i was laughing my ass off. we had a good time. i got an icee and vito got a pretzel thing and we saw all the children straming into the theatre. hehe. then on the way home we had a little blahness that turned into a bigger blahness and then after crying a bunch he came and layed in bed with me and we talked some more about our current relationship situation. we are slowely figuring things out i think. anyway then we played around and listened to avril singing the songebob theme song lol. then he went to bed and i started packing.

wedesday we called me a cab, i said goodbye to vito and i went to the airport. turns out there was like an hour delay and by the time i got to nyc at 4:30 there was so much traffic that it took my supershuttle 2 hours to get to the airport. anie and i were supposed to hang out so it was fuckin up our schedule. so i got to my place at like 7pm. my mom was already home and packing to go. annie met me at the house and then we decided to go out for a little while. so we went to Mo's carribean which ive always passed but never gone inside. we had this huge volcano drink. it was this large cup with rum and juices and the middle was flaming. it was cool. so we had some drinks and then Kazy met us there. it was so good to finally meet her. she is a lot prettier in person then in the pics ive seen. so we talked and joked around and it was retty fun. then we walked back to my place cause i told my mom i would be back by like 9:30 and it was 10ish. so i said my goodbyes and went home. my mom was ready to leave so i ate and then we headed out. my dad called from jersey a couple times pretty mad that we were in the city. later i found out cause my grandma was calling for us and was just in bad shape. so yeah...we went to pick up my aunt and cousin on 106th st and then we headed to NJ. on the way we passed the place where they were setting up the thanksgiving balloons and we saw acouple of them. it was so cool. so we got to jersey pretty late and my dad was happy to see us. then i went in to see my grandma and she looked so different. she looked so small and like a skeleton. i was trying really hard not to cry. she was all disoriented. it was really bad. so at that point i was just getting so sick. i started to see my throat getting swollen back in buffalo but there was not much i could do about it then. now i had a fever and i was feeling pretty shitty.

thanksgiving morning i was so tired and my throat was getting really bad a swollen, but i woke up and i watched the thanksgiving day parade. i really missed vito being there next to me. i called him but he was still sleeping. then my family came to watch the parade and my gradma came out to eat. there was a spongebob float and everything lol. so during the parade i was in so much pain so we decided after we would go get me something for my throat. we drove to kmart cause it was like the only thing open. i got tons of throat drops and throat spray stuff and was hoping it would all work cause at this point i could hardly talk. i looked in the mirror and there was such an infection. it was bad. i got home and used all the stuff and it just wasnt i tried to ignore it and lay down for a while and then helped my mom make thanksgiving dinner. we made sweetpotatoes with marchmallows and stuffing and all the works. i even made my banana pudding pie which was so damn good this year. we ate out in the livingroom this time cause my grandmas chair is there and she wouldnt have been able to eat with us at the other table. the dinner was so damn good and she enjoyed it even though they had to blend each thing for her cause she cant eat solid stuff. i was as stuffed as i could be being that sick. then we watch the will and grace thanksgiving yadda yadda and i watched CSI. all in all it was a decent thanksgiving. there was not much disfunction this year. everyone got along for the most part. it was nice. that night i tried to sleep but i was up and down trying to make the pain go away and laying on the couch cause i couldnt breath if i lay flat.

so thats part 1 cause now i have to go get ready for stupid class. woo.
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