December 8th, 2004

Felix- to the left


i read this fantastic J/D slash fic last night (i was supposed to be working on my 10 page paper, which is the BEST time for fanfic hehe) now im not one for j/d fic but this was amazing and it really peaked my interest. can anyone recommend some more goodies??? (i KNOW some of you out there can ;)

im such a dork :p
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Felix- to the left

yum to daniel jackson.

so i went to the psychiatrist today and got all my wonderful meds again. weeee.

but i decided not to go to my class today. i couldnt see doing all tht getting to campus and home shit again. plus i got really upset this afternoon and that just killed my day.

and *guh* to my new mood theme <3

yesssss i AM a dork :p
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    stargate theme (just look at them! *squee*)
Felix- to the left

please dont say what i already know

you see i cant let go. because people die. and i dont know what i would ever do if anything happened to you. and i wasnt there by your side. so to me, its not worth it. those moments are far too important.

and its killing me.
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