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ice cream makes everything better.

Happy Friday the 13th!! teehee :)

The past few days have been pretty good. not too much going on, but good. my psychiatrist appoinment was a dissaster of course. i hate when people put doubt in my mind. he doesnt think i should go to buffalo cause i wont be able to handle it. so maybe i wont, but its worth a try...vito took me to hagen daazs afterwards though and i got a strawberry icecream cone so that made it all better.

then it was so hot out we decided to put the airconditioner in. so we are like moving stuff around and going crazy with this thing cause it is heavy as fuck. we finally get it in just right, vito gets excited and lifts up the wrong window, and the fucking airconditioner falls out. that was the saddest moment i have ever seen. i was so mad and so stunned at the same time, but vito was so sad so i couldnt even express myself after the look on his face.

he went down and got it, and tried to fix wasnt completely dead, but it was gone. bye bye airconditioner. then we had to go to his therapy. i waited in the waitingroom. afterwards we went to bed bath and beyond, and got fans lol. funny shit...

so that was fun. fun wednesdays. thurday vito called me up from work and told me to meet him at this restaurant. so i hauled ass to meet him cause he had to go back to work. we ate and talked and had a good time, then he went back to work and i met annie and we went to shop around 34th st. i got the two cuttest skirts for mad cheap. ok one of them wasnt but it was like this long ponk tuttu skirt thing and i just couldnt resist. then we met vito after work and came home and just hung out. it was really nice.

today was kinda boring but also nice cause vito syaued home from work and i got to spend time with him. we just layed around talking and stuff... hes been so great lately. he wonders why i have to go if everything is going so well. i dunno...

so now i am sitting here waiting for annie cause she was supposed to come over like hours ago so we could do something...grrrrrrrr. i hate waiting and i hate boredom. grr.

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