January 1st, 2005

Felix- to the left

so it begins again. wopdeefuckindoo

happy new year!

so its a new year. still the same old shit. cause we keep telling ourselves that a new year will bring new and better things. but it doesnt. im still getting the same shit. the same rejections and shut downs and go aways.

sorry this cant be a HAPPY NEW YEAR light hearted post. but it just cant. cause i keep getting slammed in the face by people that are supposed to care.

ugh. maybe im just tired and lonely. so whatever. ill do a better update tomorrow cause i guess a few things were fun today. but thats for another day. right now i just have to write what im feeling. and its that pain that runs through your body. its like a physical pain thats caused by emotions. you know what i mean? when you can feel that surge of immense pain running through your body?

ok ill stop now and just let it go best i can and look at the happy moments tomorrow.

i hope you all had a wonderful new years eve.

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Felix- to the left

2004 pics in review part 3

this is the third and probably last pic review of 2004. this is the part of my life im probably the closest to right now. such ups and downs. hopefully this new year will be better. i cant just learn to accept things the way they are.
if you missed parts one and two they are here(pt1) and here(pt2)

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