January 4th, 2005

Felix- to the left

thats right.

god how dead on this is for today. :p and god i cant believe im still up. im gonna be so dead tomorrow. thank god all im doing is bleaching my hair and dying it some crazy color. blah

LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22):
It may be all to easy for you to know what's right and what's wrong now, even if others often think that you are wishy-washy. There's nothing uncertain about you at this time. In fact, it would be wise to remember that your decisions may not be as simple as you think. Allow the complexity to surface, for there could be a better solution available.
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Felix- to the left


man this is so true it hurts.

eXpressive: 6/10
Practical: 2/10
Physical: 4/10
Giver: 8/10

You are a XSIG--Expressive Sentimental Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Teddy Bear.

Hee! I just want to give you a big squeeze. You are tender, honest, generous and fair. You are an excellent kisser and a sensitive, communicative lover, and you know it. You would never intentionally hurt someone's feelings or overstep his/her boundaries. You have beautiful eyes.

Most people take your laid-back attitude, blazing wit and subtle sexiness and stick you in "friend." But some see your extreme hotness for what it is and latch on. This means you have a few members of your target sex in the bank at all times -- I call this "money in the sex bank" -- but you're too sensitive and thoughtful to exploit them. More than once.

You are so rational and deliberate in an argument that it can frustrate and exhaust your partner. Your fights can take forever, but your press on with them until they are completely resolved and both you and your partner are satisfied. If your partner is weak of will, s/he may just give in -- be wary of this! An emotional or passive-aggressive outburst later will hurt and horrify you.

It is *critically important* that you are able to respect your partner. The moment you lose respect for him/her, you lose everything.

When you make friends, you make them for life -- you can go without speaking to a friend for years and pick up right where you left off. You are completely faithful, both physically and emotionally. You are the second best (to XPIG) parent of any type.

If you are male, you have a huge shlong. Just saying.

Of the 172542 people who have taken this quiz, 8 % are this type.

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Felix- to the left

i had to fix this damn hair with something

i am currently bleaching my hair. it is painful as fuck. but its finally lightening to a nice bleached color. then im gonna put pink in it. i think. ahhhh. i still cant decide. so yeah probably most likely pink. i feel like this shit is eating through my head. it probably is lol. my parents are gonna love this. hahaha
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