January 17th, 2005

Felix- to the left

oh joy

ack i still havent done my nyc trip recap!! i havent really been sitting in one place for a long time, or ive been dorking it out and watching too much tv, not really in the mood. i found my Farscape peacekeeper wars tape today which i totally lost so now im excited! lol and "48 hours" is on now, always fun to see Dr.Mackay(sp?) on sg-1 haha. "I am mortaly allergic to citrus! one drop and i could die!"

so last night i went over to mikes house with jill, skyy, and eventually brigid. we watched harold and kumar go to white castle. i really liked it, and although there were parts i could live without, it was still funny. i cant help it. then we just sat around and talked for a while, we were all so tired though so it was slow. eventually we pulled out trivial persuit and played that till brigid got there. then we talked some more but the topics were bothering me a little so i just shut up and dozed off. we stayed there till like 6 which i totally wasnt prepared for lol. but it was nice to hang out with everyone again. i was pretty sad though. like, i missed it all but in a way im happy where i am right now. its like i feel so torn. and there was a bunch of other things too, but thats for me to know, and you to...not lol.

then when i got home vito was still up. i was a little moody with him but then we played spongebob uno lol. and had a good time so he cheered me up. then we went to bed together at like 8:30am. i slept till like 5pm on and off. i am so not looking forward to classes tomorrow. im really not. but i keep reminding myself that even though im still pretty sad about things, atleast im here with vito, i have good friends now, im not alone (for the most part), i have a cute cat, my hair is totally rad, i have a nice computer, good shows, i passed all my classes last semester, vito will be on campus too, i have a great time going out with my best friends on the weekend. so yeah. i just keep running these things in my head. goodness.

so now im off to watch some SG-1 and try to enjoy my last night before school. blah
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Felix- to the left


Behind the stargate. is fuckin awsome. already laughing my ass off. did you see the look on amanda tappings face when she read "Jack and Sam. kill pete" LOL

and michael shanks....drool. and of course RDA. how cute is he!

ahhhh the geekness!!!


i wish i was an actress.

< end scifi moment >
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