January 26th, 2005

Felix- to the left

friends cut time - things i do when i havent slept much for days.

so its that time again serious friends cut
a lot has been going on in my life lately and i either cant keep up with everyone, and there is a lot of stuff going on in my life right now that i dont wanna share with everyone.

i hate doing this sort of thing because i dont wanna lose people or be mean, but some people on here never comment or care, and have been on here a long time but i dont even know you. so im thinking of just wiping the slate clean and starting over.

if you like to read my journal and want to stay on, please comment if you dont im most likely taking everyone off my list and locking my entries so only friends can see them.

thanks kids, enjoy your stay <3
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Felix- to the left

oh blah

so last night ken came over and we hung out...then went to michelles for a little while. i grabbed some alcohol and downed some more pills. when i got home i was pretty fucked and sad and i just needed to be with friends but people were busy. i finally got a hold of skyy and jill and they picked me up. we went over to tali's to get some weed lol. and i hadent seen her for a while so it was nice. then we went to jills and just hung out there for a while. i was so tired. we just talked and stuff and jill read our cards. ah i dunno. i really dont know about my life.

so skyy and i drove back at like 6am. we were so tired. i just slept all day and missed my classes again. when stuff like this happens, people should be allowed 2 weeks off from everything. its just too difficult. when i got home i just wanted to crawl into bed with vito so bad. blah. so now im jus sitting around. i have so much work to do for tomorrow. it sucks.if i finish it all i might go hang out with heather and skyy. im just so tired.

i dont wanna get up. ever.
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Felix- to the left


this is just way too hard for my heart. i cant seem to do anything else.

i dont know if i can go through with it.
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