February 13th, 2005

Felix- to the left

god just listen to me, please!!

ok im drunk now...but i have an observation...

everyone macks on ashlee simpson, yet they dresss like her anyway. and then they are like oh yeah shes so fake and such a poser. um....but you look just like her?

and this is to no one in particular. i swear. i just see a lot of people.

damn myspace. damn drunkness. the only good thing about it is im talkng to rocco and mike (the ub one lol). at the same time which is like <3 like woah. ;p

and i told ken how much i missed him and he signed off. god. fucking fuck. :(

fetish night rocked though. it was fun and i saw everyone and we had great times. pics are comin soon :)

love you ALL <3
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