March 10th, 2005

Felix- to the left

blah blah fuckin blah

this studying for my biopsych test thing is really not working out. im sitting here staring at my stupid book and not getting anything out of it. this stuff is such a joke. like we even need to know some of this crap...and if we do i sure hope we get more info then these stupid books are giving to us. how are we supposed to learn anything. oh! histological methods! well now that i read that chapter i can get right too it! lets slice up that brain! grrr...

anyway, im not getting anything done, i keep looking for vids to watch or fics to read and suddenly lj has gone silent. where are you guys to distract me when i need you!!? lol.
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Felix- to the left

the lowdown

oh god i think im getting a sore throat. love this weather :p

had my photo project due today. i think she finally liked it. she seemed like she did anyway. i had to rush to print the last pics cause yesterday when i printed them out, they suddenly were completely out of light we really need that color, and so i couldnt print anything. today they restocked lol. Then studied like MAD for an hour, then met vito for lunch. i had pizza instead of a salad this time. ick. i ate SO bad today. i felt like i deserved it though. I had a venti caramel macchiattpttotooo and then another coffee later. i actually didnt spaz out today from it like i usually do, i was just so damn tired. then i went and took my test which went so bad. i hope it actually wasnt as bad as i thought. high hopes. and then....i went on ebay and got myself the other patch for my shirt :D and then me and vito went to eat. hamburger, mozzarella sticks and a livewire. and then vito wanted to see lemony snickets blah blah which i protested to, but sat through anyway. it was ok i guess. i hate snotty kids and jim carey, but it was cute and sad i guess so yeah. then we rode the bus home and i got home RIGHT at 9 so i watched CSI which was sooo sad. and then i got back to the lovely fic im reading lol.

so that was my amazingly busy and tiring day. whew. oh and on tuesday i went to the dentist...i was not happy about that on our anniversary, but it had to be done. and yay now my tooth isnt falling apart. then we went to see Constantine. a little confusing but pretty cool. keanu reeves in anything man. lol.

so now im gonna go watch divide and conquer cause i need to gush with erries
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