March 20th, 2005

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real post time

soo friday...vito got the car again so we could run some errands. i got up early for once lol, i was excited, cause i always am on fridays *g* talked to a couple peopl eon messenger then headed out the door. first we went to key bank so vito could re open his account there. the lady offered him a job lol. then we went to the post office and then citibank for like 40 minutes. i told vito to drop me off at barnes and noble but he didnt think it would take that long. ha. so it sucked that i didnt get to go there. i wanted to look through the books on egypt.

so then we headed to west seneca and went to go pick out frames for vitos new glasses. that took like an hour. im telling you, picking out things with us is like the blind leading the blind. he cant decide, i cant decide. we are sitting there with like 5 pairs of glasses trying to figure out which looks best. i looked at so many glasses that i couldnt tell the difference anymore. so we picked out these silver cool shaped frames...which he was still a little unsure about. And then later on i was like aww you wont be my little daniel jackson anymore...and he got so upset LOLOL. cause his glasses look exactly like that now...and so now he wants to call the place up and tell them to just put the lenses in the frame he has now. but i dunno, i think he needs a change.

then we headed over to roadhouse grill. yum. we talked about investing and the stock market lol. i was actually pretty interested. we both got what we always do lol and it was damn good. then we drove back to his moms but no one was there. we fooled around a little (bad!!) and then we decided waiting an hour and a half was enough and we would just drop the car off tomorrow when we came back for the family thing his mom was having. so we came home just in time for atlantis...hes lucky they replay sg1. so yeah we just watched tv the rest of the night and then i finally got to bed at like 5. ugh.

so saturday i woke up at 2 and decided i would go with vito to his moms st.josephs table thing. its some italian thing where there is tons of food and family, and i was really nervouse about it, cause i always am with those things. but i got ready and we went. stopped off at tops first to get a brita filter and vito got me these cute little easter chick candles hehe. and i grabbed a copy of cosmo with avril on the cover teehee. that magazine amuses me to no end. so we got to his moms house and there was SO much food. covering the table and desserts on the next table. it was heaven. so we ate a bunch of stuff, said hi to all his family. i think a big family like that is so cool. always wanted one. and his mom made like days worth of food, lentil soup, vegetable lasagna, pasta, fish, shrimp, cannolies, eclair cake. it was sooooo good. so we just sat around talking, mostly with that girl. maybe one weekend we will go out with her and joe. so we stayed and talked for a long time and then edgardo drove us back. i was so stuffed lol

i called my mom for her birthday and we talked for a long time, it was nice, and then i started reading fic of course. oh and yey i won third at bstg_icontest

classes start tomorrow. yuck. i was getting used to this. hehe

oh and whoever didnt comment to my last post on cutting the flist, comment here if you wanna stay cause its major cut time. some of you are eternally safe from the cut, you should know who you are lol (haha did you guys actually read all this?)
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