April 2nd, 2005

Felix- to the left


omg my paid accound is expiring in 12 days. and the money i have for it right now? 0 dollars. wooo. i think im gonna cry. and just about the time when i was ginna try a spiffy new layout. atleast i wont lose my userpics till the summer
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Felix- to the left


wow do i feel the love!!! i just got 2 anonymous 2 months each of paid lj accounts!!! squeee!!!

thank you soo much! i think one of them was pochanike and i dont know who the other sneaky person was ;D but thank you so much!! *huggles*

you guys rock my world ;)
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Felix- to the left

snagged from lornyloo

hehe this is fun and im bored ;)

01. Post a list of 12 TV shows you watch (current or cancelled!) (i changed the number haha)
02. Have your friends list guess your favourite CHARACTER from each show
03. When guessed, tell us why you like that character

1. Stargate SG1 - honestly im still deciding on this one LOL
2. Stargate Atlantis Shepp- mmm mmm....seems to be my answer for everything lol. im a horny girl what do you want HAHA. i love this boy. i didnt think i would at first cause he seemed run of the mill. but as soon as weir was all like, oh he has done some things that were not by the book blah blah, i was like yeah this is my boy. i just love those bad boys. and his attitude is scumptious. and that smile is not too bad either ;)
3. Battlestar Galactica Gaius Baltar - LOVE this character to absolute death. he is so faulty and easily swayed but presents himself as such a cocky person, yet he is the most scared of them all. he is so human in the weakest way. i love love love him. hes pretty cute too lol.
4. The X-Files Mulder- god, dont we know it. my first love lol. he was just so much like me in the sense that he believed in anything that was out there. and of course the hottest man alive...those puppydog eyes. and his stubborness...he was the only one that could get away with it and still look good. mulda foreva! :P
5. Queer as Folk
6. The L Word
7. CSI:
8. Farscape John chrichton - this one was hard actually...between him and aeryn. cause i just love her character. but john is just so...human, and whitty and gorgeous. i love his take charge attitude but at the same time there is so much heart
9. Buffy Spike-cause he is british. yum. lol ok there is more to it then that. he is just one of those people that you know is such a badass but still has something in there. sooo much damn passion. and anyone with hair like that and black fingernails...lets just say thats one of my main types
10. Angel Wesley Windham Price- "rogue demon hunter" "whats a rogue demon?" LOLOL. always think of that. once again- british, cute and well, he was kind of a badass in Angel. but you knew deep down how innocent he was
11. Will and Grace Jack - he is so damn funny and well...flaming. its a pleasure to watch someone as upbeat as him. i wish i had someone with his personality over here. i could sure use it lol. he seems like he would be such a fun friend. never a dull moment
12. ER carter- cause hes so damn cute. lol. also because he was just so innocent and sweet and the perfect docor really. caring a kind. he made me want to be one irl. im just not cut out for it. and he is so cute when he is depressed lol
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