April 3rd, 2005

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yeah....this is...not new lol

X-Files 2 Gets Closer (www.scifi.com)

David Duchovny told SCI FI Wire that he, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter are on board for a second feature film based on their hit TV series The X-Files and that the project is inching toward becoming a reality. Carter would write and produce, while Duchovny and Anderson would reprise their respective roles as FBI special agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. "As far I know we're all getting very close to saying that it would be shooting sometime early next year," Duchovny said in an interview while promoting his latest film, House of D, a drama that he directed. "So it's much closer to being a reality than in the last couple of years."

Duchovny added: "I know that I'm in, Gillian's in and Chris Carter is in. It's just a matter of making sure that everybody is free at the right time. So I would be in it. I know that Chris has an idea. He's got an idea that he's told me that I think is good. He just has to get the go-ahead to execute it."

i think they just wanted an article that said xfiles in it lol.
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