April 4th, 2005

Felix- to the left

thing from feb 7th 2003

i do this survey thinger every year around this time...to see how much things have changed or whats been going on :)
and no im not cutting it :P

Five details about you...
[x] im good at making little icons
[x] love photography
[x] depressed a lot for no reason
[x] bisexual
[x] love to sing
Five details about your appearance right now...
[x] UB shirt that i cut up to make it hang off my shoulders
[x] superman underwear
[x] hair is faded pink and growing out
[x] wearing myblack platic bracelets and my diveristy and never surrender bracelet
[x] no nailpolish
Five things you did today
[x] listened to music
[x] read some journals
[x] helped vito calm down
[x] text messaged with annie
[x] tried to set up my printer for vito
Five memorable things you did in the last year.
[x] met annies girlfriend Kazy
[x] made and lost some close friends
[x] broke up and got back together with vito
[x] went to my grandmothers funeral
[x] cut my hair
Five things that everyone should know about you..same as last year lol
[x] i have social anxiety so dont expect me to call or hang out much
[x] i kiss girls(well more then that too...) and have threesomes hehe
[x] i like being photographed even though i am not that great
[x] i get annoyed easily and hate stupidity in people
[x] hate being alone
Five favorite groups.
[x] nine inch nails
[x] coldplay
[x) flickerstick
[x] snake river conspiracy
Five favorite musical artists..uh, isnt this the same thing?
[x] trent reznor
[x] sarah mclachlan
[x] kellyclarkson (shes good at angst ok!?)
[x] paul simon
[x] david arnold
Five favorite songs...
[x] nin-the fragile
[x] coldplay - everythings not lost
[x] since youve been gone - kelly clarkson
[x] god is a dj - pink
[x] let me be your armor - assemblage 23
Five favorite movies.
[x] uptown girls
[x] independance day
[x] american beauty
[x] my first mister
[x] the sidewalks of new york
Five things that make you happy...
[x] photography
[x] vito
[x] nyc
[x] stargate
[x] qaf
Five people who mean a lot to you...
[x] vito
[x] cristina
[x] my parents
[x] annie
[x] erica (erries)
[x] michael shanks (lol i just had to)
five things that disgust you
[x] grease
[x] fake people
[x] homophobia
[x] hypocrites
[x] social conformity
Five things that impress you...
[x] creative people
[x] love
[x] people that can sing beautifully
[x] girls
[x] gothic things
[x] my boyfriends back
Five things that don't impress you...
[x] posers
[x] fake tans
[x] selfishness
[x] religion
[x] backstabbers
Five things you cant live without...
[x] vito
[x] love
[x] stargate
[x] music
[x] chocolate
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Felix- to the left

cause this is really driving me nuts

lornyloo, i cant study until i figure this out lol.

does anyone on my flist know where this quote is from?

"Or you might just get everything you ever wanted"

something about the person not telling someone how they really felt.

[edit: i think we figured it out..well..elvinborn did. Its from Friends isnt it, when rachel is telling ross he could get everything he ever wanted since he was 15...i think thats it. lol]
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