April 14th, 2005

Felix- to the left

breaking it down

the hair
alright. thats it. i officially give up on trying to get the pink out of my hair. i stripped it today. you know, with the hair color remover thats supposed to strip everything from your hair? yeah....it didnt work. so thats it. im just gonna leave it and wait for it to grow out or dye over it which i really dont want to do

the lj
ugh i really dont know what to do about a new layout. i like the layout memento1 has but i also really like lornyloo's layout. but i have so much to do right now i really cant do...that. and i need a header. anyone wanna take a stab at one for me? stargate of course. ill be your best friend forever!
also, memento1 and i are starting a new photoshop community. for tutorials and tips and stuff. its gonna be cool. im nervouse but i cant wait. there will be more info on that later when we get it all set up and everything :)

the coffee
so i couldnt sleep last night. till 7am. so i didnt go to class. but i didnt have to go today so thank god for that. but yeah, i couldnt sleep. and on top of that i drank a lot of that moolatte stuff i made for myself, and for some reason, this stuff is stronger than any coffee....its only got vanilla coffee syrup in it, it shouldnt be that detrimental. but today i had one cup and i was soo wired! but...its so good i cant stop drinking it. i literally cant. im drinking another cup now. i think im finally gonna try sleeping pills tonight cause i have a test tomorrow....

the test
cyberporn test tomorrow. which sucks cause i havent been to that class since...oh the last test. lol. and i didnt do as good on the last test as i thought i would so i have to do good on this one. but i cant concentrate at all. of course.

the tv
just for ya'lls info they are replaying Revalations on the scifi channel on friday at 8. which is awsome but makes me wonder why they keep pushing SG1 out of the way. boo to that. ph and i actually saw an ep on SG1 today that i had never seen. go me. and watched window od opportunity again. HA i love it. i love jack. i wish i had a friend like him around here ;) oh and i love j/d so much it hurts :P
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