July 15th, 2005

Felix- to the left

Jack and Daniel- and the reason is you. made for fandomsounds

oh my god i worked on this all freakin night, along with making icons and all kinds of crap. i dunno why i cant sleep but im doing a lot of creative shot so here it is. i made a Jack and Daniel soundtrack hehe.

let me know what you think and if you download! thanks :)

And the Reason is You
a jack and daniel mix
a lot of these songs were inspired by music vids that people created and the songs just fit their relationship so much and i wanted to compile that into a cd. You know these two are the best of friends and you can see a hint of something more. and then some of the songs hint to the decisions they would have to make and how the world around them would react. enjoy!

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Felix- to the left

tis the season.

ok im becoming more and more aware that i just cant keep up with all the people on my flist especially now that the fandom is gonna be buzzing and i know there will be millions of posts. so.....

its time for a cut. ugh. i hate cuts. i do. but i have too many people on here and some i dont even know or dont even know if you care or this and that. some of you are safe, you probably know who you are by now. and the rest....muahahaha

so comment if you wanna stay!!!
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