September 23rd, 2005

Felix- to the left

oh september

wow i havent been around in forever.
things have been crazy around here.
ive just been breaking away from the world i suppose. trying to do whatever i can to stay in it.
some of my friends at school are really the only ones keeping me here. but im here. and although im depressed im getting through it better than usual. not on the school front maybe, but on the personal front i dunno. i suppose ill update more when i have time.

im leaving tonight to see my sister in oneonta. it will be good.

oh and my birthday is tuesday!! weeee!!
if anyone wants to make me pretty icons or wpp's i would love that (thanks neatgrl !!!

or you know what would be fantastic? gift cards i would love you forever. cause i need nip/tuck lol. and stuff. i love it would cheer m e up immensly. just a hint ;)

xo to everyone. i miss you all.