October 24th, 2005

Felix- to the left

cant sleep. but too tired to go to class. woo.

im watching this infomercial on knives (dont ask)
and this guy is selling these cool bread and bagel cutting knives, and a chopping knife. 4 knives for 3 payments of $13.99. so im like hmm ok thats a bit much.
then this girl keeps bringing out all these knives so its up to 8 knives for that price and im like oh my dad would like that and the price isnt too bad for 8.

so then im readin a fic and by the time i tune back in to the infomercial they are up to 25 knives. 25 KNIVES. who the hell needs that many knives!? wtf are you gonna use all thie knoves for?

now i cant buy it. lol.

but really?! 25 knives!?